Company Profile

Teobros was founded in 1981. At that time, the company’s primary business was in providing tiling works to the construction industry and as a retailer of good quality tiles to the general market. As the company’s business continued to grow, more focus was put in expanding the retail tile business. Teobros moved into manufacturing in 1991. Through a joint venture with partners from Singapore and Taiwan, a tile manufacturing plant was built in Pasir Gudang, Johor to produce high quality tiles. This move represents a major turning point in the growth of Teobros as it evolved from being a seller into a maker of tiles.

Another milestone was achieved in 1995 when Teobros branched out into property development through Teobros Development Sdn. Bhd. To date we have completed 17 projects in Melaka with 6 on-going projects and many more to come. Future plans include more commercial property developments as well as high-end condominium at strategic locations. All the developments that bear the Teobros name come with signature White Horse tiles finishing. We continuously strive to provide our purchasers the best value in terms of quality finishing, spacious and practical house designs, and good surrounding neighborhoods.